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  Our Services:

Economic/Financial Translation
We provide a comprehensive package of economic/financial translation. feasibility studies, financial statements, bank letters of guarantee (L/G), performance bonds, letters of credit (L/C), statements of accounts, balance sheets, auditor's reports, final accounts, …etc are only to name a few.

Technical Translation

If the answer to both questions is YES, then you will not just handover your translation to any agency, but only to the agency that can properly handle the work and provide you with the best possible industry-specific rendering of your text.
Whether it is a bill of quantity or a supply list, technical specs or a quotation, we have the ability, the expertise, and the resources imperatively needed to successfully accomplish the job. In addition, our powerful computer and data entry section will guarantee your absolute satisfaction with the way the translation looks on paper.

Not only will we translate your catalogue, but we will also replace the source language with the target language in the catalogue without disturbing its original layout.

Medical and Healthcare Translation
Elegant medical translation depends, mostly, on precise knowledge of medical terminology and familiarity with expressions in different fields of Medicine. In TopNotch, translation tasks are performed through an integral team of professional translators, who are originally medical graduates in different specialties. Our supreme quality translation and editing services include medical and healthcare books and periodicals, texts and articles, pharmaceutical and therapeutic pamphlets and documents, and variant medical reports.

Legal Translation
Legal translation requires great accuracy and knowledge of legal terminology in the target language.

Our translators have long experience in translating all types of legal documents, inter alia: briefings, declarations, rejoinders, pleas, replications, etc., official complaints, police reports, notices of action, processes, process server reports, witness statements, and many other legal documents, Power of Attorney, sole agency contracts, Statutes, Companies Record, Commercial Register, investment Record, Articles of Association, Regulations, Contract Agreements and other legal documents of law suits.

Computer and IT Translation
Computer and IT translation is one of our specialties; each and everyone of the department staff has handled different types of computer-oriented documents for computer and networks companies. Many of those documents appeared on the Internet (web site contents) or were published in computer and Internet magazines or in the computer & Internet section in daily newspapers.

General Translation
Magazines and newspapers articles, business letters, non fiction books in all fields, certificates, political documents, press releases, literatures, publications, advertisements, newsletters, …etc.

I read somewhere that if you are a heart surgeon you can probably diagnose a cold. Nevertheless, we will not refer your non-technical translation to a technical department, but to our own General Translation Department where it will be given all due attention.

Our team members have, in their previous workplaces, done translation jobs to many national and international clients.
The following are only to name a few:

Microsoft America Compaq
Vodafone LifeScan Pharmaceutical Co.
Siemens Le Royale Meridian Hotel
J W Marriott, Mirage City Unionaire
Yellow pages phone book Peugeot, SA
The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) Petroleum Air Services (PAS)
Karoun Oil Co. The Egyptian Drilling Co.
Gemsa Co. US Army, Engineering Corps
The Government of Libya The Embassy of Canada in Cairo
The Embassy of Japan in Cairo The Ministry of Culture, Egypt.
Cairo Air Port Authority Civil Aviation Authority
El-Zamil Steel Factories for Pre-Engineered Buildings The Hunter Guide Magazine
Business Centers of most 5-star hotels in Cairo The Tri-lateral Committee for Macrobiotics, USA-Japan-Kuwait.
USAID Save the Children Federation, Inc. (SC)
Ford Foundation Grant Unit The Ministry of Insurance & Social Affairs, Egypt
Citibank Ferrari Co.
Orascom Constructions Orascom Telecom
Raya Holding Raya Integration
Archirodon Constructions The consortium of the Arab Contractors (Othman Ahmed Othman & Co.)
Ferrometalco Co. EG Metals, Egypt
Ezz Steel Factories Movie Star: Ahmed Zaky